DJ Sean Savage

System Details

Real 6000 watts of Sound, With Thumping Bass And Crystal Clear Sound.

The Desk's Sound Is Perfect, But If Needed, The Digital Sound Management System Takes Care Of Everything.

As Lights Are The Only Part Of The Show You See, The Lighting System Is As Equally Impressive

State of the art animated LED Wall Technology 6.5 foot high by 10.5 feet wide.

With LED scanning light's, 3 Lasers, 4 LED Par cans.

With Mood Lighting, LED curtain flame effect light's

And Snow And Smoke Machines Also.

List Of Full Equipment

Mixing Desk - Makie CFX20 MRK II, with 16 Channel 30 meter Multicore Stage-box

DJ Decks - Pioneer DDJ SX with Macbook pro

AMP Rack - DBX Drive Rack (Digital Sound Management System), Power Conditioner, And two Power Amps Delevering 2x 1000w 4 Ohm mid high's  and 2x 1600w 4 Ohm bass

Speakers - Solton AACraft Soundbull Loaded Double 18 Bass Bins 1600w Rms 3200w Peak 4 Ohm x2, Das Audio RS Series Double 15" Tops 1200w Rms 4 Ohm 2000w Peak x2, active Speakers/Monitors 12" 400w 4 Ohm x2

Lights - Led Scanners x4, Animated LED wall, LED curtain flame effect lights, 2 master slave blue lasers, 1 double red/green 3d cluster laser, 4 high power led flat par can 64, 1 Titan 3000 watt Strobe light, Snow Machines x2, Smoke Machine, Also full Trussing And Stands